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Our brand is Kazune, and that I’m categorised as”Kazu”. Our hometown is Yatsushiro. Yatsushiro is the second largest area in Kumamoto. Rush and banpeiyu, some sort of red, are renowned in there. Though I live alone in Kumamoto today, my children live in Yatsushiro.

Our parents are music instructors. My father works at music-school, and violin is taught by my mommy athome. Ihave two sisters that are younger. One is really a high-school student. Her school is my college’s friend. Recently, although she cannot study audio note, steel band team was joined by her. One other is a junior high school pupil. She belongs to golf club. I also have grandma and grandpa. Their activity is golfing. They go to play with golf every day.

On the one hand, my hobbies are enjoying the guitar, reading guides, particularly manga, drawing drawings. And that I’ve quit my club currently, but I’d belonged to ESS (English Speaking Community) until last Feb. In my own interests, particularly, I’m proficient at music. I really had been for nine years to YAMAHA music-school and discovered electronic wood. Therefore I can play violin and the automated wood. I love music quite definitely. I likewise have enjoyed drawing on drawings since my youth. I’d bring on a lot of illutrations at break time with one among my friends after I was an elementary school scholar. And when I used to be a junior-high college student and senior school student, eachother is typically cangeded our works by some of my buddies and that I.

In addition to them, I present the best issues. The best meals are candy crab and cod entree. My personal favorite group is SMAP. Associates of SMAP are extremely interesting as well as their melodies very good. They relax me very much. The best celebrity is Yukie Nakama. She’s lovely. I’ve preferred her because I observed one-of dramas that were movie on TV. I like manga very much. I specifically like ” FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST ” . The movement was America or England but in addition public in not merely Japan. It’s not unpopular in there, too. And so I’ve previously read the manga prepared in English. And lately, my favorite tv-program is “ainori”. I can not miss viewing. I dislike insects probably the most throughout the earth. I specifically dislike spider.

I have my future fantasy and my objective today. The previous is currently getting a job with organization which needs Language, and the latter is currently learning abroad to Australia. Since I was a top school student, to study abroad longtime hasbeen my purpose. Therefore I have to study English harder.

About my friends. I have a companion. She is fun and incredibly form. She helps me when I’m introuble. Therefore she and I may chat everything together. Tale is lived in by her today. She studies to be a room school teacher. I also provide lots of good friends at my college. I like chatting together. And I appreciate my school life. Obviously I enjoy learning English. Although I’ve todo several homeworks recently, I’m pleased to research at Britain Kumamoto University and America office. And someday I wish to be described as an English speaker that is great.

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